Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday Prayer and Fasting

Oh! Prayer and Fasting?? Prayer I can do, but fasting??  What is this all about?? Okay, before we get all freaked out about it, let's just calm down and talk.

This idea came to me a couple of weeks ago through my friend and sister, Yamy, when I was on my mission trip to, Cub@. We are really struggling with one of our children and really feel like we have tried EVERYTHING!!! And it is just becoming a more and more difficult situation. We have tried all of our 'teacher' discipline ideas, all of the parent ideas. We have punished, threatened, followed through, not followed though, you name it we have done it. Then Yamy asked if we have fasted and prayed.  Fasted.  Why is it, as a pastoral family, sometimes it is easier to give the right Biblically sound advice than it is to come up with it for yourself and your family?

Modern day Christians often shy away from the practice of  fasting, but it is all over the Bible. Old AND New Testament. And it says WHEN you fast not IF you fast. In Matthew 6 it says three times WHEN you fast! So it is something we are called to do.

Now, I am not asking you to fast all day. But will you join me on Mondays and fast just one meal? And when you are fasting this meal, will you instead use this time to pray for your children, or the children in your life? Will you pray for them to love God with their whole hearts? Will you pray for them to be in this world but not of it? Will you pray for them to be set apart? Will you pray for them to make the right choices even when the people are them are make the wrong choices?  Will you pray for their spiritual and physical safety? Pray for them to be leaders among their peers so that others will look to them and know Christ because of them.  Pray for their future spouses. Pray for them to have strong Christian friends to lean on. 

The enemy wants our children. Let's not let him have them.  This mom is ready to stand in battle are you with me?

Please, share this link. Imagine what will happen if we spread this message and millions of us begin praying and fasting for our children on Mondays!!! We are have power of Christ in us!! The enemy will not stand a chance!!!


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