Thursday, May 12, 2011

What It Means to Worship Here

Church in Cub@ means if someone paints "Viva Raul" Or "Viva Fidel" (meaning Long live Raul  or Long live Fidel as in Castr0 the rulers of the Communist party) on the front of your church, you do not have the legal right to remove it. That's right, that graffiti must remain on the front of the Lord's house of worship.

Worship in Cub@ means that, as you are worshiping God, next to you, on the other side of the wall, this one right here beside where you are worshiping

someone is practicing witchcraft and making sacrifices to the devil trying to stop the worship of God.

Worshiping God here means that you are not supposed to not gather in public in groups of more than 14 people without permission of the government.  But they won't sanction a gathering until you reach more than 40 people, but that is illegal. So, technically, there is no way for your church to become legal.

 But God keeps bringing you people. And you worship in groups of 70 and God keeps bringing you more people.  And you continue to worship because it is what you are commanded by God to do. And you are willing to go to jail if it comes right down to it, because you are living out the book of Acts. And how do you say no to God?

I have had some people ask me how you can help.  For right now, I just ask for your prayers.  Yes, there are tangible ways you can help.  And it is desperately needed.  But for now, please pray and I will continue to share what is happening in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Cristo en Cub@.

Kevin& Tonni Jobe, Yamy & Jose Santiago

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