Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So, Are We Still Stuck on That Hill?

We never did see that mechanic. We were eventually pointed to someone down the road who might be able to help us.  He tinkered about with the engine.  We left.  Headed up the hill.  As we started up the incline, I remember praying.  I told the kids to put on their shoes, they might have to push (silly kids that they are, they did!)  And La Limosina started to slow down.  Jose was gunning it, trying to keep us from rolling back ground.  And I kept looking at the top of the hill. Sloooooowly getting closer.  And I sang and prayed and thought of how great God was.  Because I could feel Him right there.  He was pulling us up over that hill.  Like He so often pulls me up over the hills in my life. 

There was no earthly way we should have gotten up that long hill.  La Limosina didn't have it in her.  And there is no earthly way I should be able to do much of what God has me do.  He has used me in so many ways and just when I have felt I cannot do what He has called me to do, He grabs ahold and reminds me that HE is the one with the power.  Not me, that is for certain.

So, on Holy Spirit power, La Limosina came up over that hill.  After that point, we were lead to a mechanic who fixed that old Toyota van so we could get home.  Just like how I, on Holy Spirit power, can do that things that GOD calls me to. 

How Great is Our God!

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