Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beyond Barriers

June 12, 2011

Last Sunday, during the fellowship hour, which is really half an hour, before the worship service, I was approached by one of the Hispanic ladies who attends our worship service. Adriana is a very sweet lady who speaks very little English. I speak very little Spanish, but somehow, God has brought the two of us together.  We are sisters in Christ.  Adriana found me that morning because she could not find my husband who is the pastor.  She brought me to meet her friend, Sarah. Sarah is from Kuwait.  She left Kuwait three months ago because she did not want to be Muslim any longer. In her country, to denounce your faith is a death sentence. Sarah did not speak Spanish. She spoke English fairly well. And she asked me to tell her about Christianity.  So, in the few minutes we had, I did.  Muslims know Jesus as a great prophet, a teacher. So I told her how Christians see Jesus. As Savior. That he died for our sins. That he is more than teacher. He is Lord. If we accept his free gift of salvation we will spend eternity in heaven. In further conversation I discovered neither of the women had a Bible written in English, so my daughter and I went into the worship area and found them each a Bible. I was able to briefly introduce Sarah to my husband and then it was time for service. I missed most of the service as I was teaching Kids Church that Sunday, but after service, my husband’s face was lit up. When I approached him, he told me that after service that Sarah had come to him and wanted to become a Christian. And he was blessed to lead her in prayer.  It was an amazing morning.  God worked beyond and through all of the barriers that we as people would have seen.  And the heavens rejoiced.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, God, for adding one more! :)